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Move into an area you like, without the price tag.

Retirement villagesRetirement Villages

Many Australians who decide to downsize after retirement find themselves considering a move to a retirement village. When examining your options there can be so much information to consider, making it difficult to make a confident decision.

At Affinity Aged Care Finacial Services, we specialise in understanding the financial implications of a move to a retirement village, and we can work with you to make sure every detail is considered when making this decision.


Independence, with a strong sense of community

After years of maintaining the family home, one of the best aspects of retirement village living is having these tasks taken care of by someone else to give you the independence to spend your time doing the things you enjoy. Many retirement villages give residents easy access to pools, tennis courts, cafes and libraries. Living independently while having the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people within the same community can create the perfect environment for a happy and fulfilling retirement.


Living in an area you like, without the price tag

One of the great advantages of retirement villages is that they are often very attractively priced when compared to similar freehold properties in the same area. This may give you greater choice in where you live so you can be closer to family, in an area you may not have previously been able to afford or close to amenities.


Greater security

For people concerned about their personal security, retirement villages can be an attractive option because they tend to be highly secure. They are often gated communities with emergency response services, which can give residents a feeling of security and a stronger sense of wellbeing when compared to living in a freehold or strata property.


How do I know it is the right option for me?

Perhaps the best means of judging whether village life is for you is to speak to existing residents of the villages that interest you. Most village operators would be glad to assist you speak with current residents.


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