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How We Help

Affinity Aged Care Financial Services is a specialist aged care advice business offering you a range of services to meet all your aged care advice requirements. Our aged care financial advice services is broken down into four main categories.


Aged Care Services

Understanding your Aged Care Options

By taking the time to understand the things that are important to you, Affinity Aged Care Financial Advisers research and identify the best options for your family’s aged care requirements. We present you with an objective analysis to help you make the right choice for your situation.

Aged Care Cashflow and Financial Requirements

While the Australian Government helps you with the cost of your residential aged care, it also expects those who can afford it to contribute to the cost. Aged care facilities may charge a range of fees, though you may not have to pay all of them. These fees are generally charged monthly and the aged care service provider will usually ask to directly debit your bank account.

Affinity Aged Care Financial Advisers can help you answer complex questions and undertake cashflow analysis based on the fee structure, living costs, tax implications and the financial treatment of the family home.

Assistance with Centrelink and Aged Care forms

It can be a frustrating experience trying to understand what will seem to be mountains of information and application requirements from aged care providers and government departments. Affinity Aged Care is passionate about providing a support network for you. Our aged care team can complete all the necessary application documentation and submit it on your behalf to both your chosen aged care facility and to Centrelink.

Help Managing Ongoing Financial Requirements and Obligations

Once a resident goes into care the financial obligations will continue, with daily care fees, cashflow and keeping up to date with government and Centrelink changes to consider. Affinity Aged Care can assist in helping to manage your ongoing financial needs and Centrelink reporting obligations.

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