Affinity Aged Care Financial Services is now known as Alteris Financial Group.

We have helped hundreds of clients move into retirement village living with confidence.

Retirement Village Operators

While other financial planners may know the basics of your industry, Affinity Aged Care has a team of highly specialised advisers whose unparalleled knowledge of the retirement village sector has assisted hundreds of clients to confidently move into retirement village life. Read on to see how our expertise can benefit you and your prospective residents.

Working with Prospective Residents

Demonstrating affordability

Many of our clients come to us contemplating a move to a retirement village but are unsure of the affordability of such a move and the impact on their estate. Our specialist Aged Care financial advisers are able to show potential residents how, in many instances, their preferred facility is affordable and will have minimal impact on the eventual size of their estate.

We also work extensively with our clients to establish and manage their financial portfolios to ensure their cash-flow requirements are met and maintained.

Navigating the process

We are able to simplify the often complex fees and charges for residents and their families to help them make an informed, no-surprises financial decision before moving to a retirement village.

Our advisers develop strategies to assist residents to maximise Centrelink and Department of Veterans Affairs entitlements. We also act as a liaison with these departments when requested by clients.

Affinity Aged Care advisers are well versed in government assistance programs, and we are able to explain Commonwealth Home Support and Home Care Packages, calculate costs and assist clients to access these programs if required.

Explaining the benefits

Our clients regularly tell us how delighted they are by the secure and social lifestyle that retirement villages offer. We often discuss  with our clients the security, sense of community, access to amenities and the removal of maintenance chores that retirement villages offer.

Working directly with you

Training courses

We increasingly hear that your facility managers and client liaison representatives receive enquiries that touch on the financial implications of a move. We can help you convert enquiries by offering regular training courses for employees of retirement villages to help them understand how we work and how to confidently manage basic financial enquiries.

Developing flexible funding

Affinity Aged Care can assist retirement village operators to develop flexible funding options including providing access to a potential source of low-cost finance while enabling them to offer options that enhance the appeal of their village.

In-house seminars

We regularly conduct on-site seminars for residents, their families and referrers to demonstrate the affordability of a move into a retirement village.

Industry events

We are regular guest speakers at seniors’ organisations meetings such as Probus and National Seniors. We also regularly organise and attend Seniors Expos with other service providers.

Updating the industry

We offer exclusive boardroom briefings to industry CEOs, CFOs and senior executives to update you on Government initiatives and industry trends. We do this in conjunction with Rachel Lane, CEO of Aged Care Gurus and co-author of the Retirement Living Handbook

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