Planning for Retirement Village Life

No two retirement plans are the same, and receiving tailored advice is particularly important when contemplating a move to an aged care facility or a retirement village.

Affinity Aged Care’s Senior Adviser Robert Craven said he had received a significant increase recently in clients wishing to receive advice on a move into a retirement village.

Do not See This

“While it may appear quite similar to plan for a move into a retirement village as an aged care facility, they can have quite different fee structures and each client has very unique concerns and priorities,” Robert said.

“People living in retirement villages are generally considered to be homeowners, which can impact your access to your aged pension.

“It is critical that we understand the impact this move could have on your income, which is why Affinity is now offering tailored advice in this area.”

Robert said among the many considerations before making such a move was understanding how retirement villages structure their fees.

“Our clients are often rightfully concerned they are getting the best deal possible from their chosen living arrangements, and we are able to explain the pros and cons of retirement living versus strata arrangements, for example,” Robert said.

If you are contemplating a move into a retirement village or would just like to discuss your options with a specialist aged care adviser, call Affinity Aged Care on 1300 366 932.

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